3 Easy Ways to Keep Clutter Off of the Countertop

3 Easy Ways to Keep Clutter Off of the Countertop

ClutterCountertops, tabletops and other horizontal surfaces have a bad habit of becoming clutter magnets. Instead of letting clutter accumulate, keep it off the countertops by using some creative storage ideas.

Giving your clutter a good initial cleaning is also a good idea, making sure to discard anything that you don’t really need. Once you’ve whittled the clutter down to a manageable amount, then you can organize it elsewhere so that your countertops stay neat and tidy.

1. Use Drawers and Cabinets Whenever Possible

Of course this doesn’t mean just dumping everything off of the countertop into the nearest drawer. Instead, you should plan your strategy and create an organized drawer that makes it easy to find everything when you need it.

A drawer insert that is divided into various compartments can make it easy to keep everything in its place.

These come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so before you buy one, take an inventory of the items you wish to store in the drawer. You can also purchase individual organizers of various sizes and arrange them in the drawer to suit your specific needs. Try to keep only the things you actually need in the drawer, such as keeping pencils, pens, scissors, tape, and a note pad in a kitchen drawer.

You might also want to dedicate a drawer to small hand tools, such as a couple of screwdrivers, a hammer, tape measure, pliers and a wrench.

If you have a cabinet close by, you could use this instead of a drawer. Small organizer bins are great for use in a cabinet to keep small items handy. We always use them at treebeards.com.

2. Hang Up a Shelf or Rack

Peg racks, hook racks and shelves are also great for organizing items that tend to clutter countertops. A peg or hook rack can be quite handy close to a door, providing a convenient location to hang keys, the dog’s leash, or other items that are commonly needed when leaving the house.

These items often get tossed on the end of the kitchen countertop, so providing your family with a good location for storing them will reduce clutter as well as make it easier to locate these items. You can also hang small baskets from a peg or hook rack to hold even more items neatly and conveniently.

Or, try hanging a small wall shelf close to the door. Racks and shelves are useful almost anywhere else in your home to help neatly organize items.

Basket13. Don’t Clutter – Use Baskets Instead

If there are items that you just really need to be easily accessible from the countertop area, put a small basket on the countertop to hold these items. While a jumbled pile of items tossed on the countertop just looks messy, the same items can reside in a small basket and look perfectly neat and organized.

Baskets that are divided into several different compartments can be quite handy for this use. Baskets are also great in the bathroom to neatly hold cosmetics and other bathroom supplies.

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