Injecting Your Personality into a Room with Wall Art

Injecting Your Personality into a Room with Wall Art

PersonalityNothing speaks more about your personality than how you decorate the space that you live in every day.

You can add a lot of your personality with touches everywhere, or a few simple expressions in key places can really make your individuality shine through in a major way.

One of the best ways to use your creativity is by injecting your personality into a room with wall art.

Wall art can be one simple piece, a combination of several pieces, or a large piece of artwork that involves a whole wall or room.

Wall art captures attention and can be used as a focal point, so it’s pretty easy to inject your personality with this medium.

It doesn’t have to be something expensive, or even bought at a store, but should be something that either says something about you, or is special to you in some way, if you want it to speak about your personality.

Expressions or words can make awesome focal points, and are a great way to express some creativity. From something simple, such as a one-word statement that makes an impact in your life, to something drastic, like a phrase or ideology that defines who you are in life right now, a wall is just a blank canvas for writing, drawing, painting, or creating something unique.

WordsIt is not limited to pictures and words, either. Design something from objects that are special, and make a piece of artwork that becomes a quick conversation starter for visitors, guests, friends, or family members that may not know the story behind the artwork.

Get really creative, and let the wall become a living chapter in your diary for the world to see. Like buying a star for someone and hanging the certificate, it’s a family show piece.

If you aren’t really the creative type, let a friend or family member do the creating for you, based on your personality.

Choose someone who knows you well, or give him or her a clear idea of what you’d like to see on the wall, so it is still your personality shining through, and not theirs, with the artwork.

If this isn’t an option, purchase something that you love, and it is still expressing your personality and creativity.

Make sure that you add a great backdrop and lighting to your focal point. When you are injecting your personality into a room with wall art, you really want it to stand out.

Choosing great natural lighting, or maximizing what lighting you have available, will ensure that your artwork gets noticed as soon as someone walks into a room.

A great backdrop will make the room harmonized and beautiful, without taking away from the artwork on the wall.

It does not have to cost a lot of money to create something unique for a room, nor does it have to take hours of hanging, cutting, pasting or sewing, or other do-it-yourself projects.

You just need to know what you want, and either how to do it, or where to go for help to learn, and never be afraid to try something new.

After all, if you do not like it, you can always repaint and start from scratch, or hang something different.

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