Laminate Flooring – Why You Should Install it in Your Kitchen

Laminate Flooring – Why You Should Install it in Your Kitchen

Kitchen FloorWhether you and your partner have moved into your first house together, or you’re looking to redecorate the family home after a few years of the interior not being changed, it’s likely that you’ll be looking at ensuring your flooring – particularly the flooring in the kitchen – is able to withstand the wear and tear, along with the trips and spills.

This is where hardwearing laminate flooring supplied and installed by an experienced firm will more often than not, be essential.

It’s understandable that with the vast range of flooring options currently available, from carpet/carpet tiles, engineered/real wood flooring, vinyl and laminate, that finding the right surface for your needs and requirements will prove difficult.

However, if you’re looking for a flooring surface which not only looks as stunning as wooden floors but will be able to withstand the pressure exerted on it by children and pets running in and out of the house, along with food, drinks and various other substances being spilled onto it, then laminate flooring is a must.

And as an added benefit, according to property management Houston your home will also increase in value with the additional long lasting flooring.

Laminate Flooring – A Brief History:

Laminate flooring was originally introduced into Europe in the late 1970s to early 1980s and originally referred to as Pergo.

However over time and up until recently it has undergone some unfair treatment from those looking to carry out home improvements; with one of the main misconceptions being labelled to the flooring is that it looks fake.
However in recent years, as homeowners have began looking for a flooring which combines the natural beauty of wooden floors with the waterproofing qualities of vinyl flooring; laminate flooring has undergone a rise in popularity – and it’s now often the flooring of choice for many kitchens and bathrooms within the USA- and rightly so.

Laminate Flooring – Today:

As briefly touched upon above, over recent years laminate flooring has began its rise in popularity with homeowners – and this is because of a few important factors.

Laminate FloorFirstly, the appearance of laminate flooring often makes it a popular acquisition for those who want to have the natural beauty provided by real hardwood or stone flooring; but don’t want to pay the price tag that more often than not comes attached.

Along with often being a cheaper option compared to its hardwood flooring counterparts, laminate floors are often seen as a more durable solution – making them extremely popular for young families or couples with pets.

The reason that laminate flooring is such a durable surface is due to the way in which it’s manufactured.

Traditionally laminate flooring is produced using four layers, each of which brings a different quality to the surface, but combine to provide the durable finished product.

Each of these four layers are extremely important in the process of making the flooring durable; however it’s the first layer whose main job it is to protect the surface from moisture and damage which can be considered to be the most important and helps laminate stand out when compared to other flooring options.

As a result of its durability, laminate flooring is also the perfect flooring solution for those families and households who always seem to be on the run, as it requires minimal maintenance but is still guaranteed to look stunning – even after it’s been fitted for a couple of years.

Whatever your household situation, if you want to ensure that you have a hardwearing, naturally beautiful yet affordable flooring which will tie the rest of your properties decor together, then you should look no further than the various laminate flooring options which are currently available – by having laminate installed, you can say goodbye to those panics when someone spills a drink during the festive celebrations which are fast approaching.

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