The Fear of Death

The Fear of Death

souls are pure energyMillions of people fear death. They are however not aware that it is only the physical body,which is just dead matter anyway without the soul,that withers off. The soul is death less.

Universal energy is what gives the spark of life to a body.This energy never dies and therefore there is no need to fear the death of the physical body.

Death is the departure of the living spirit, the essence of life, from the body. The body consists of elements which come from the earth. Calcium in the bones, water in the blood, and oxygen in the lungs are all elements which come from the earth.
A physical examination of the body can reveal that it can not live by itself.

The sparkle of life, the spirit, the soul is required for bodies to live. Whatever we may call it; it is this energy which converts the body into a living mechanism with intelligence. Body, Mind, Intelligence all go to form a continuum.

From this BMI system, as the spirit/soul goes away, death of the physical body occurs. However it never is the end of life of the soul.

In fact, death of the body is the beginning of a new and perhaps better life for the soul. The disintegration of the body, which we call death, actually marks the commencement of a new life; it is the entry port to another life in a new format. So there is no reason to fear death.

Birth and death are in fact nothing but illusions in real terms. From the moment one is born, along with growth of the body elements of decay and death also accompanies it. Death and disintegration of the body can happen at short notice, nay, even without notice. The body that is seen today may not be seen tomorrow.

There is absolutely no guarantee that one who lives today will continue to live tomorrow. A sudden hemorrhage, a massive cardiac arrest, an accident etc can cause death at any moment. We can never be one hundred percent certain that we will get up alive from our sleep. We live only on that hope. It is divine grace which keeps us alive from one day to the next; from one moment to the next.

He who is born will have to die. He who dies must begin a new life, somewhere, sometime. Birth and death are just illusionary which appear like the beginning and end of life. In real fact, there is no death and there is no birth. Only the universal soul, energy personified, lives and exists. There is absolutely no reason to fear death or funeral memorial ideas. What appears as birth and death are just transformations of energy into matter and matter back into energy.

Just as we throw away torn out or disliked clothes and take new ones, the soul decides to throw away the bodies which it does not like. The new dress gives you some satisfaction for some time. This is exactly what the soul does when it does not like the body any more, may be due to disease or old age or whatever.

The soul only exists.

The bodies exist only temporarily and are not permanent or non destroyable. No one should therefore have any fear of the death of the physical body. You (better to enquire “Who Am I” here) are only changing into a new wardrobe!

The supreme soul is energy itself and therefore has no death, no decay and it is also beyond the controls of the dimensions of time and space. It is self transforming into matter for a few fragments of time when it decides to dwell in matter and gives life to a body.Once you are convinced about this,there is no more need to fear death.

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