Top Interior Design Secrets to Improving Your Home

Top Interior Design Secrets to Improving Your Home

Interior Design 2As a homeowner, it is inevitable that you are drawn to the gorgeous interior design pictures in the home magazines scattered around a doctor’s waiting room.

Or the fast paced 60 minute makeover which transforms an array of rooms in an hour.

It’s no lie that we all sit there, cup of tea in hand wishing we were the lucky ones chosen for the 60 minute makeover.

Realistically, you probably aren’t going to be chosen, mainly on the account that you have neglected to enter.

However, with these fantastic tips you could successfully transform the interior of your home, so that it looks just like it was designed by a professional.

Tip One: Browse to Your Heart’s Content

The best way to get ideas is to browse the internet, through various magazines or even by taking a trip to Ikea to see the various ways they style and lay out a room.

This gives you an excuse to collate various wallpaper and paint samples. Deciding on the overall colour scheme is probably the hardest part of designing a room’s interior. The trick is to think outside of the box.

Grab a swatch/color chart from your local DIY store and look at the various colors at your disposal. A common designer trick, is to pick a main color then look at the color opposite to discover the contrasting accent color. You can use both colors to add diversity and depth to your room.

If you look at interior designs at the moment you will see that variation in texture, color and style is a definite trend winner.

Tip Two: Use Your Imagination

PlanThe best laid plans are just that – planned. So get out a drawing board or a notepad and draw a rough diagram of your room.

Try to be accurate with the proportions, just so you can get an idea of how things will look.

Use scraps of wallpaper and paint to fill in certain areas, and really consider how you want to use your room.

Although you may not want to completely alter the layout of the room, you should consider all the potential possibilities.

Ideally, you want to create a feature wall. This can be achieved with wallpaper which is different or contrasting to the rest of the room, or with a focal point. The best example of a feature wall is your chimney breast.

Typically it will be central, and if you have a fire then your fire surround it will act as a focal point. And appropriately decorate the mantle. Perhaps an exquisite urn for a relative’s memorial ashes. Or even a close pet’s.

Tip Three: Furnishings

Once you have decided on the how you intend to decorate your room, you need to look at the various floors which are available. Are you going to keep your existing one, or are you going to get a brand new one? Are you going to opt for carpet, tiles, laminate or wood flooring?

Look at your notepad, and think hard about the various textures you’ve used throughout. Wood floors are a popular type of flooring, mainly due to the depth and texture they add to a room.

However, cream carpets complement almost any interior whilst keeping your feet warm underfoot.

If you think your room’s missing that je ne sais quoi, then when in doubt – use a mirror. It’s an old trick that adds space and light, so use it to your advantage and you should be left with an interior space which looks like a professional has personally designed the space themselves.

Using these tips you should create an interior space which will make your neighbors, friends and family green with envy. Especially when they see how your flooring (whether it be wood flooring or not) adds character to the wallpaper and color scheme which you decide upon.

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