Welcoming Ideas to Warm Up a Foyer

Welcoming Ideas to Warm Up a Foyer

FoyerThe foyer is the first thing guests see when they enter a home. A cold and cluttered foyer speaks volumes about the rest of the house, while a warm, welcoming space can instantly put guests at ease.

It is possible to warm up the space with some simple decorating ideas that add style and well as function that helps keep clutter to a minimum.

Here are some welcoming ideas to warm up a foyer to do just that.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Mirrors have long been standard accessories for a welcoming foyer.

Choose a mirror that fits the available space without overwhelming the wall.

Look for mirrors with frames in a similar material to the door hardware to provide continuity and flow.

For instance, if the door has a brass doorknob, look for a mirror with a brass frame.


Those with green thumbs do well growing plants indoors. Large ferns look especially good in the foyer of a home. For other homeowners who may not do as well at growing indoor plants, a large silk potted plant will also be a welcoming, warm piece to add to a foyer. The greenery draws in the outside world while providing a smooth transition to the rest of the home. Add a nice wood or fiberglass pipe stand to give some height as well.


Framed pictures of the home’s occupants create a feeling of welcome and intimacy upon entering the foyer. For a unified look, have pictures printed in black and white or sepia tones. Photos that have a similar theme, like close ups of faces or profiles, create a fun focal point for the foyer. Frame them in identical frames to enhance the continuity.

Foyer Table

A foyer side table is typically a narrow table that sits perfectly in a foyer space. Usually placed beneath a mirror or picture, the small table is only big enough to hold a few things, but it encourages guests to put their things down and relax. Consider placing a small silver dish for coins, keys and cell phones on it for functionality and organization. A vase of fresh or silk flowers will create a welcoming feel, as well as, enhance the beauty of the space.

Coat and Umbrella Rack

A simple, tall coat rack provides guests with a spot for hanging up their coats as they enter the warmth of the home. It is a simple piece, but its addition to the foyer provides both function and style. Choose a coat and umbrella rack that fits the available space and is spacious enough to be functional.

AccessoriesSimple accessories make a foyer feel warm and welcoming. It is the function of the foyer to create a cheerful spot that draws guests into the home and out of the outside world.

By adding pictures, plants, flowers and mirrors the foyer space instantly moves from being a dropping off point for books, bags and coats to a drawing in spot where the welcoming of family beckons.

Take the time to warm up the foyer space and notice the difference in those who come to call.

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